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What Our Clients Are Saying

“More than 1.6 million data points were reported during the first semester of electronic logs. Sorting data has stimulated many questions about the curriculum and educational experiences of students. Overall, KCUMB is better positioned to know what students are experiencing in a large distributive clerkship model than in the past which will lead to curricular oversight and development.”
Dr. Linda Adkison, Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs, KCUMB
“The system Resilience Software has developed for us has been excellent. Not only has the company been very receptive to our needs and thoughtful in designing a program for us, but the system has enabled us to track the clinical experiences of our Physical Therapy students in depth. This has enabled both the academic program and clinical educators to design learning experiences, which can be individualized to student need and ensure the students gain exposure to the breadth and depth of the profession during their education.”
Sue Murphy, Associate Head, Clinical Education UBC Physical Therapy
“T-Res has been extremely easy to use with the iPhone. After each OR case, I’m able to log my cases in TRes in a few seconds. Since it doesn’t take me too much time to log cases, I find the application of logging cases educational as I can monitor my progression as a training surgeon.”
Dr. Andrew Thamboo, Resident UBC ENT
“Here at McMaster we have experimented with log books and other ways of tracking resident activity. The department has been very impressed with the ease of implementing the T-Res program and the data we have already received. The ability to compare our program to a national data base will be of great help as we determine the needs of our residents.”
Dr. J. Paul Whelan, Program Director, Division of Urology, McMaster University
“I find the software very user-friendly and I think it’s going to make my job as a program director easier. I’ll be able to print out what each resident has done in the different realms (academic, admin and patient care, for example) before I meet with them formally every six months. Right now I’m pulling that info out of a binder.”
Dr. Gail Graham, Medical Genetics Program Director, University of Ottawa
“We approached Resilience Software with a unique proposal to conduct a T-Res pilot project which included a number of education programs and their students – our goal was to collect data to inform our accreditation process. The T-Res staff understood our project and our needs quickly. More importantly, they were extremely responsive and flexible while we collaboratively developed and adjusted the T-Res database and processes to successfully collect the data we needed. They communicated effectively with us and with the education programs and students throughout the project. Our experience overall has been nothing but positive!”
K. Davidson, Program Manager, OTA & PTA EAP
“T-Res has proved to be an easy to use platform for Occupational Therapy students to track their clinical encounters and record weekly reflections. As a program director, the ability to respond to the student reflections is seamless and the reports are an effective way to review individual and aggregate data of the student placement experience. Students are excited to have access to their data which is evidence of their progress throughout their placements and is a useful record for their professional portfolios.”
Donna Drynan, MEd., OT(C), Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy, The University of British Columbia

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